Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Senate Finance Committee considers nonprofit reform proposals

Today the Senate Finance Committee held hearings entitled, "Charities and Charitable Giving: Proposals for Reform." You can read prepared statements by witnesses at http://finance.senate.gov/sitepages/hearing030505.htm. (Sorry, can't get Blogger links to work).

The nonprofit sector is buzzing with comment on the Senate Finance Committee's staff discussion draft of the issues. In response, several coalitions representing the third sector have developed their own recommendations, including the Council on Foundations, www.cof.org and The Panel on the Nonprofit Sector, described in the April 1st issue of The Nonprofit Times, www.nptimes.com/Apr05nptl.htm/.

Later I'll discuss this reform in more detail, but one of my hot button issues was raised in the Senate Committee discussion draft: they propose to make it illegal for private foundations and other not-for-profit groups to pay their board members.

Recently I snarkily suggested to some nonprofit colleagues that perhaps we should all start paying board members for their service, and I got the usual reaction - "oh my God, that would be so horrible!" Well then, how do the private foundations get away with it? And how can so many of these same Foundations then decline to fund a group because they also pay their board members? "Oh, but OUR Foundation's work requires PROFESSIONALISM!"

Ignore that elephant in the room people, nothing to see here, move along now.


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