Monday, April 11, 2005

Does Your Board Go To Aruba?

I mean, like, all of us take our boards to places like London and Aruba for strategic planning sessions, right?

Well, according to Minnesota Attorney General, Mike Hatch, the not-for-profit organization Allina paid for employee travel to such destinations. You can read the gruesome details in his report to the Senate Finance Committee here

This whole issue shines a light on the concept of organizational culture. What is acceptible at yours? Does the executive director include wine with the meal at the holiday celebration? Or is your group so frugal that the board meets at Old Country Buffet paid by the volunteer? Or, do you meet at an Old Portland home and share brie, hummus and McTarnahans?

Each organization comes up with its own code, but I'm guessing that most of us would never dream of thinking trips to London for board members and their significant others is an acceptable use of donated or non-taxable funds.


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